Urban Dog Nature is organic, clean, economical and socially helpful. Clipping deposits, located at the base of the Urban Dog Nature, absorb urine and neutralize odours making it clean and easy to maintain.

  • We improve the organic waste to fertilize parks and gardens, thanks to the contribution of the nutrients of the urine of the dogs.
  • Satisfy the physiological needs of pet dogs in urban centers.
  • The remains of pruning, located at the base of the Urban Dog Nature, absorb the urine, neutralize the bad smells and make up a clean and easy to maintain system.
  • Low cost of maintenance: just rest the vegetable remnants periodically
  • Multifunctionality: collection of urines, trash, gardening, advertising support …
  • Limited space: ease to install in urban centers.
  • Valorization of municipal pruning surpluses.
  • It favors composting of plant remains.
  • Possibility of linking it to the composting of the organic fraction of municipal waste: UrbanDog + Compostador.
  • Improves civic and environmental awareness of the citizen